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Quality and healing effect of the mineral waters

Experts’ balneological assessment of the TOPLITA mineral water in Velingrad

The Toplita mineral water in Hotel LUCKY LIGHT refers to the type of low-mineralized fluoric accra-thermal waters. This low mineralization determines its basically hypotonic and laving effect on the human body. The biologically active effect comes from the fluoric and metasilicon acid. Its hyper-thermal nature stipulates the possibility to use it for out-door balneotherapy.

Mineral waters of similar physical and chemical properties have a wide range of indices both for out-door and  drinking balneotherapy, namely:

1. Out-door balneoprophylaxis for:
* skin diseases – eczemas, dermatitis, psoriasis etc.
* diseases of the locomotory system – arthritic and rheumatic (phlogistic and degenerative), orthopedic and traumatic.
* gynecological diseases – adnexitis, parametritis, metritis etc.
* neurological diseases – neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, discal hernia etc.

2. Drinking balneotherapy and balneophylaxis for:
* liver and biliary diseases – chronic hepatitis, cholecistitis,  holangitis, diskinetic biliary tracks etc.
* gastroenteric diseases – chronic gastritis, ulcer, enteritis, colitis, enterocolitis etc.
* renal and  urologic diseases – chronic cystitis, cystopathic, nefritis, pyelonefritis, renal calculosis, status after extracorporal litotrepsy  etc.
* endocrinal and metabolic diseases – diabetes, podagra (gout) etc.
* chronic intoxication with radionuclides.

3. Balneoprophylaxis for:
* caries;
* people exposed to radionuclides.

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