The Spa capital of the Balkans

Velingrad Sitting at 800 m above sea level, with population of 26 573 people, Velingrad is the biggest balneological resort in the country, surrounded by the picturesque nature of West Rhodopi Mountain. In 1948 the administrations of three villages - Lajene, Chepino and Kamenitsa took decision for unification. That decision gave birth of the famous balneological resort Velingrad.

The abundance of mineral waters, the mild climate and magnificent nature attract here more than 200 000 visitors per year. The sunny days in Velingrad are about 74% of all days in the year. Mists fall qite rarely. The average temperature in January is 1.8C, while the average July temperature is 18.7C. The winter is mild with excellent conditions for skiing. The summer is cool and the autumn is warm and pleasant.

Velingrad's biggest natural gift is the mineral water. The temperature of the mineral springs varies between 28 and 86C. There are six well - known thermal and mineral water deposits in Chepino, Ladzhene 1, Ladzhene 2, Kamenitsa, Draginovo and Varvarski bani. Nearly 80 mineral springs gush out in Velingrad. Their unique quality and composition combines the healing potentialities of Hisarya, Banya and Narechen resorts at the same time. Velingrad is specialized for medical treatment of pulmonary, articulation, neurological, gynecological diseases including sterility, renal, liver, gastric etc.


Velingrad is proud with one natural phenomenon - Kleptuza, the biggest karst spring in Bulgaria. Each second 570 liters of ice-cold water wells up and forms two beautiful lakes, which pour into the nearby river. The Saint Spas countryside near the mineral springs in Chepino is visited from people who associate its curative qualities with the Saint who is the keeper of health. It is visited on Spasov day from believers with hope for recovering from different diseases.

Cultural sites like the Historical museum, Art gallery, libraries and cinemas offer amusement and recreation for the town guests. The hunting and game farms offer excellent conditions for hunting and fishing tourism development.

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